Process-oriented Craniosacral Therapie

Are you suffering from reoccurring physical or emotional themes?
Do you feel out of flow?
Do you find no peace and lack grounding?


Craniosacral therapy is a holistic manual bodywork with roots in osteopathy.

The two poles cranium (skull) and sacrum (sacrum) form a unit, connected by brain and spinal cord membranes. The rhythmically pulsating cerebrospinal fluid nourishes, moves, animates, and protects the brain and nervous system. This rhythm is transmitted to the entire body and influences the development and functioning of the whole person.

With the utmost care, mindfulness and value freedom, I use my hands to sense this rhythm, as well as possible blockages and tension patterns in fasciae, organs, muscles, bones, fluid body and other structures. Through gentle manual impulses, tension patterns and blockages are released, and the organism finds a new balance. The self-healing powers are supported so that positive changes can take place on a physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual level.

Craniosacral therapy can be applied with people of all ages, from newborns to the elderly. It offers support in the case of complaints and illness, in stressful life situations, promotes rehabilitation after an accident or illness, as well as the regulation of the entire organism or individual systems.

In process-oriented craniosacral therapy, the focus is not only on symptom relief. By the means of the combination of manual techniques and process-oriented conversation, issues can be resolved thoroughly and integrated in a long-term and sustainable way.

To optimise the process and integration, I recommend a cycle of 5 sessions. If necessary, further cycles can be added.

The treatment takes place in comfortable clothes, mainly lying down.

Further information on craniosacral therapy:

Trauma-informed scar tissue work

Do you have visible external or internal scars?

Do your scars hurt?

Do the scars restrict you in your movement?

Do your scars bother you emotionally?

In a treatment series of 6 sessions, scars are supported holistically and sustainably in their healing.

With a unique approach of coordinated techniques from craniosacral therapy, trauma therapy, process-oriented conversation work and, if necessary, movement modalities, you will experience optimal and sustainable support for internal and external scars.

Overview of the 6 sessions:

  • Supporting nervous system regulation to optimise the body's self-regulatory powers and healing (1 session).

  • Direct work on the scar and its surroundings to stimulate tissue remodelling and balance the tensions of the scar; optimisation of the metabolism in and around the scar tissue (2 sessions)

  • Treatment and support of emotional and energetic issues that still exist due to the scarring traumas (2 sessions).

  • Integration of the stressors and the experienced traumas for more resilience and sustainability (1 session)

Healing First Distance

The non-local and powerful process work from the physical to the energetic level.

With a combination of craniosacral techniques, process-oriented conversation, energy work, embodiment work and other techniques for regulating the nervous system, support is possible in deep processes on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. This form of therapy at a distance takes place via digital means of communication.

  • A process cycle consists of 6 individually aligned sessions.
  • This work takes place in close collaboration with Kimiya Healing.