Patricia Schurr

With great appreciation and deep respect for their complex life stories, I meet my clients on the physical, psycho-emotional, and energetic-spiritual levels. I have utmost admiration for people who wish to engage more deeply with themselves.

I am rich in years of experience in preventive and rehabilitation movement work with Pilates and Slings Myofascial Training. I also have a broad and applied knowledge of manual therapies such as foot reflexology, massage techniques, craniosacral therapy and trauma work.

Clarity, mindfulness, compassion, holism, networked thinking, and a broad knowledge define me in my work and as a person. A fine pinch of humour should not be missing at the right moment.

Good to have you here!
Yours, Patricia Schurr


  • Certificate in the method of craniosacral therapy, Cranioschule Zürich / Rudolf Merkel

  • Training in traditional medicine, Diploma School for Naturopathy Paramed Baar

  • Bachelor of Science Tourism Management, HTW Chur

  • Federal Matura type New Languages/Latin/Music

Further education / in-depth training

  • Visceral work for craniosacral practitioners, Iris & Michael Wolf
  • Sleep disorders and craniosacral therapy, Wolfgang Tamm
  • Systemic conversation and process work, Sandra Jenny Gimmel
  • The Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma, NICABM
  • Energetics of Trauma, Kimiya Healing
  • SBSM - Smart Body Smart Mind, Nervous System Rewire, Irene Lyon
  • Foot reflexology, Paramed Baar
  • Classical massage, Paramed Baar

Movement modalities

  • Dipl. Bodymotion trainer for Allegro and studio squipment, Bodymotion

  • Dipl. Bodymotion trainer for matwork, Bodymotion

  • Slings Myofascial Training, art of motion

  • Pilates matwork, Polestar

  • Pilates during pregnancy, art of motion

  • Post-partum training with Pilates, art of motion

  • Further education with Karin Locher, Elizabeth Larkam, Blossom Leilani Crawford, Alan Herdman, Arlette Herzig,...